Our Goals

Mission and Goals of SSL


Our Goals

A quote from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia

"Reducing poverty is not something this government can
do alone. The private sectors - big and small businesses- are the engine
for growth and employment. Our people must seize opportunities.
I'm sure they will do this."

SSL aims to improve the economic situation and thus
enhance the self-reliance of Liberians by developing
and promoting entrepreneurship in agriculture and fisheries.

SSL invests in the strength and vision of individual Liberians.

SSL will achieve this by:
1. Investing in the increased productivity of local entrepreneurs
     through knowledge transfer and the provision of micro-credits.
2. Investing in supply chain development to promote and increase sales.


  • Stichting Stepping Stone Liberia

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    5211 AM ‘s-Hertogenbosch
    06 14601284
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    NL44 RABO 0160. 7316.58

    Fiscaal nr: 850207435

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  • "I strongly believe in the concept of this project, precisely because it is based on the strength, courage and knowledge of the Liberians themselves. With the dedicated expertise of the organizers and their 'short lines' mentality, this foundation is engaged in the kind of development work that is important for the future. "

    Barbara Kuipers (journalist/programmamaker)

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