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Welcome to Rivercess


Welcome to RiverCess!
SSL is active in RiverCess county. The province is located south-east of the capital, Monrovia.
RiverCess is one of Liberia's least developed and most isolated provinces.
The majority of the population live below the poverty line of a $1 a day. The primary means of livelihood include hunting, subsistence farming and fishing.

SSL supports local farmers and fishermen with the creation of the supply chain.

It also supports and facilitates, after careful selection, individual farmers and fishermen in the expansion of their business.

SSL provides them a "stepping stone" in scaling. We take a regional approach whereby linking these stepping stones is central. In this way, knowledge, resources and coaching can be efficiently deployed.


  • "I strongly believe in the concept of this project, precisely because it is based on the strength, courage and knowledge of the Liberians themselves. With the dedicated expertise of the organizers and their 'short lines' mentality, this foundation is engaged in the kind of development work that is important for the future. "

    Barbara Kuipers (journalist/Broadcaster)

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