Cooperation GBCC and SSL

SSL had held several meetings with representatives of Grand Bassa Community College to explore closer cooperation. At present 2 (senior) students of GBCC are working with SSL in order to gain more practical experience and share their knowledge with other local farmers. 

Poultry Project

In april 2018 SSL initiated a Poultry  on the Agro Hub in Stewardtown.

Agro Hub SSL starts Gari production

Over the years SSL has build a large network with local cassava farmers. A small scale Gari production is set-up to support farmers. Hereby an impression of the operations.

Tool Barn opened!

In 2014 started the construction of a Tool Barn with the goal to give local farmers acces to farming tools. In may 2016 the building was opened. Local farmers, chiefs and the children of the local school were are present to celebrate the opening.

  • Testimonials

    "At last a foundation that is committed to nurturing local knowledge in Liberia yet sees that a little support is needed here and there to connect the right people with good business ideas in the region to make dreams come true. Also what’s good and distinctive: the foundation goes directly to those areas where local and / or international NGOs do not go ... With a limited local infrastructure "quick and easy results" are hindered. However, the Stepping Stone Foundation doesn’t let itself be discouraged by this because in these poorest and least accessible regions, the community awareness is greatest and the various projects will thus be of great community value. – Mayke Harding



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