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Stepping Stone Liberia


About SSL

Stepping Stone Liberia was founded in the Netherlands in 2011. In 2012 Stepping Stone Liberia was also registered as local NGO and recognised by the Liberian government.

SSL works from RiverCess County.

Tasks SSL Netherlands:
Strategy Determination, support project development, fundraising, and PR.

Tasks SSL Liberia:
Develop project proposals, networking in Liberia, project implementation, PR and deliver reports for donors

Statuten, ANBI status, KVK registratie en folder:

statuten.pdf (dutch)

ANBI beschikking.jpg (dutch)

registratie KVK.jpeg (dutch)

folder 2013.pdf (dutch)

Beleidsplan_SSL.pdf (dutch)





  • Testimonials

    "At last a foundation that is committed to nurturing local knowledge in Liberia yet sees that a little support is needed here and there to connect the right people with good business ideas in the region to make dreams come true. Also what’s good and distinctive: the foundation goes directly to those areas where local and / or international NGOs do not go ... With a limited local infrastructure "quick and easy results" are hindered. However, the Stepping Stone Foundation doesn’t let itself be discouraged by this because in these poorest and least accessible regions, the community awareness is greatest and the various projects will thus be of great community value. – Mayke Harding



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