• Ds.Pierson pupils Entrepreneurship event a big success vrijdag, 20 december 2013 19:22
    Ds.Pierson pupils Entrepreneurship event a big success
    On Friday, December 20 it was that time again. Pupils of Ds. Pierson College emerged as true entrepreneurs. They could be found in the streets of 's-Hertogenbosch, Rosmalen and Berlicum. Once again this year a project of Stepping Stone Liberia was the charity linked to the event. The proceeds of… Read more »
  • Construction Tools barn nearing completion dinsdag, 26 november 2013 11:03
    Construction Tools barn nearing completion
    After the rainy season passed, the activities around the construction of a tool barn (library) resumed. Here's an impression. This project is in collaboration with ‘Wilde Ganzen’ (Wild Geese). http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Album=SSPQGCE7 Stepping Stone Liberia is currently raising funds to deliver a well-stocked tools barn. Here we could use as much help… Read more »
  • Stichting Stepping Stone Liberia

    Guldenvliesstraat 7
    5211 AM ‘s-Hertogenbosch
    06 14601284
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    NL44 RABO 0160. 7316.58

    Fiscaal nr: 850207435

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  • Testimonials

    "At last a foundation that is committed to nurturing local knowledge in Liberia yet sees that a little support is needed here and there to connect the right people with good business ideas in the region to make dreams come true. Also what’s good and distinctive: the foundation goes directly to those areas where local and / or international NGOs do not go ... With a limited local infrastructure "quick and easy results" are hindered. However, the Stepping Stone Foundation doesn’t let itself be discouraged by this because in these poorest and least accessible regions, the community awareness is greatest and the various projects will thus be of great community value. – Mayke Harding



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